Móraí Woven

Handmade weaving and macrame art from Vancouver Island, Canada.

Whether you are a modernist, a minimalist, a farmhouse fan, Scandi or boho, you can find any number of designs, sizes, and styles to suit your home decor aesthetic. My store is just a taste of some of my own weaving experiments over the past few years.

Fibre arts inspired by my grandmother

Hi! My name is Sharon. I’m a full time mom with a passion for weaving. I live on Vancouver Island with my husband, two daughters, and two dogs. My grandma was a fabulous weaver, knitter, quilter and I inherited a lot of tools and yarns from her. This is who the name Móraí was inspired by. Thanks for following along on my little crafting journey.

I started weaving in 2017 after taking a workshop. My grandmother was a wonderful fibre artist. She was always knitting, weaving or quilting something for someone in the family. We are all blessed with fantastic baby quilts and scarves. Made with lots of love.

I have since inherited her love of fibre and all of her fibre tools (spinning wheel, floor loom etc.) and beautiful weaving books.

When I am not making things I enjoy a local hike with my dog (and family when I’m really lucky) and getting cozy with a good book. I will soon have pieces to be viewed and purchased at local shops. Stay tuned for more information.

I weave, macrame and spin yarn for fun and as a creative outlet. I rarely start with a plan, and if I do, it usually changes. I enjoy all colours, and natural fibres.

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